4 Considerations for Aging In Place

age in place

Sometimes RightSizing can mean staying in your own home by making modifications. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are four areas to think about if Aging In Place is an option.

1: Small changes, big impact

There are numerous modifications that can make a world of difference when it comes to how you interact with your home. Grab bars in bathrooms are a common solution, but think about other places where one might come in handy like the top of a set of stairs. Other hardware upgrades include changing your doorknobs to a lever style, installing pull out drawers in you lower kitchen cupboards, and floor lighting to automatically make getting around at night safer.

2: Same home, different function

If your mobility is affecting your enjoyment of your home, there might be options to reduce the number of stairs you need to face on a daily basis. Outside, ramps and lifts are a possible solution. Inside, beyond installing a stairlift or elevator, look at you main floor for opportunities to make it more functional. A powder room off the kitchen, moving the laundry up from the basement and creating a main floor bedroom are all examples of solutions we have seen to reduce the reliance on stairs and allow homeowners to continue enjoying their home.

3: Take the pressure off with an extra set of hands

You’re able to still manage your home but some chores have become more daunting than you’d like to admit. Multiple services exist for just this reason and range from help shovelling the snow to bringing your fresh groceries to the door. There are options that can fit every budget to take on some of the heavy lifting that goes with with home ownership.

4: An ounce of prevention…

… Is truly worth a pound of cure. When renovating think about changes you can make now that would serve you as you age. There are some brilliant ways to create a more adaptable home for people who plan on Aging In Place. We are happy to talk about changes that would increase your property value and those that could limit the buyer pool down the road.

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Ian Campbell
" The Guy In The Kilt "
ASA- Accredited Senior Agent
Sarazen Realty, Brokerage Ambleside Drive Office