Spring Home Maintenance: The Attic


The attic is a part of the home that many homeowners don't think about very often. However, if you are about to tackle some spring home maintenance, it's a good idea to spend a little time in the attic. Here are some specific tasks you can perform in the attic to set yourself up for a clean, efficient, low-stress year.

1. Sort Through Stored Items

If you use your attic for storage, spring is the good time to sort through your stored items. Throw away anything broken or damaged. Donate or sell items that you'll never need or use again. Then, package the remaining items into tote bins, and label those tote bins clearly. This will make it easier to find the items you need without having to dig through numerous boxes.

2. Vacuum Up Any Dust

Dust has a way of accumulating in the attic. If you have a handheld vacuum, bring it into the attic, and use it to vacuum the floors, walls, and ceilings. Removing this dust will help keep the rest of your home free from allergens. It will also make your attic less inviting to rodents and insects that might otherwise want to nest in the dust.

3. Replace Damp or Moldy Insulation

Insulation loses its ability to insulate if it gets wet or gets compacted. Keeping moldy insulation in your attic is not wise, either, since the mold can cause allergies and respiratory symptoms. So, if you see any insulation that's not in great shape, this is the perfect time to remove and replace it. The new insulation will keep your air conditioning bills low, come summer.

Make sure you wear long sleeves, long pants, a face mask, and gloves as you work with the insulation. Fiberglass insulation is itchy if it gets on your skin or into your airways.

4. Note Any Leaks or Moisture

While you're organizing, cleaning, and tidying up in the attic, keep your eyes out for any signs of moisture. This includes drops of moisture on the rafters, moldy and damp insulation, and soggy areas on the attic floor or ceiling. These problems often indicate that you have a roof leak. Call a roofing company to come take a look and make the required repairs.

5. Caulk Any Holes or Cracks

Holes and cracks in the attic walls or ceiling can reduce your home's efficiency and allow for leaks. You can caulk small holes on your own using silicone caulk. Just make sure the area is dry before you apply the caulk. Larger holes may need to be patched by a roofer or contractor.

These spring home maintenance tasks will ensure your attic is prepared for the change in seasons.

Ian Campbell
" The Guy In The Kilt "
ASA- Accredited Senior Agent
Sarazen Realty, Brokerage Ambleside Drive Office