Spring Home Maintenance: Exterior Checklist


Spring is in the air! Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and the air finally feels warm. As you relax and take in this beautiful season, make sure you also squeeze in some spring home maintenance.

Wash Your Windows

Windows tend to accumulate a lot of salt and road grime in the winter. So, take this opportunity to give them a good, thorough cleaning. You can hose them off gently, or take things a step further and use a squeegee with soapy water.

Sweep the Porch or Patio

Is your patio or porch littered with leaves and other debris? Sweep it off, and haul it over to your compost heap. If you have a covered patio, make sure you also sweep any cobwebs out of the corner. You can use any broom to do this. Rubber band a thin cloth over the end of the broom, if needed, to make the broom more clingy.

Power Wash Your Siding

Power washing your siding every spring removes any mineral and dirt buildup from the snow. Make sure you start at the top and work you way down. Angle the power washer downward so you don't push any water under the siding.

Power Wash Your Driveway

While you have the power washer out, take care of the driveway, too. Removing any built-up ice melting solutions will extend the life of your driveway. Power washing also removes any algae so your driveway won't get slippery in the springtime rain.

Clean the Gutters

This is the perfect time to clean your gutters and make sure they're flowing freely before spring showers come. Put on a glove, and reach your hand right in, pulling out any debris. When you're done cleaning, pour some water through the gutters to rinse out any remaining debris.

Service the Air Conditioner

It's always best to have an HVAC professional service your air conditioner in the spring. However, you can handle basic tasks, like removing the cover and turning the power back on, yourself. If there are any leaves or debris trapped in the cage around the condenser, pull them out.

Inspect the Roof

You don't have to climb onto the roof if you're not comfortable doing so. However, you should take a look at the roof from the ground and make note of anything unusual. Are there any lifted shingles? Is the metal flashing around your chimney secure? Do you notice any dents or divots? Contact your roofer for repairs ASAP if anything seems amiss.

If you focus on spring home maintenance, you'll have less maintenance to do throughout the rest of the year. And if you ever need assistance maintaining your home, I Can help simple reach out.

Ian Campbell
" The Guy In The Kilt "
ASA- Accredited Senior Agent
Sarazen Realty, Brokerage Ambleside Drive Office