Spring Is the Time to Schedule Big Projects


Spring has sprung, and if you're like most homeowners, you are beginning to think about spring cleaning and basic spring home maintenance. These tasks are certainly important, but this year, make sure you don't let the little cleaning tasks overshadow your larger, more involved home projects.

You don't have to tackle every big, exterior maintenance project by the time spring is over, but spring is certainly the time to plan out these projects. Contractors' schedules fill up quickly, so if you need any of the following work done on your home, you'll want to start getting estimates — and getting on the schedule — ASAP.

Exterior Painting

Take a look at your home's exterior. Do you see a lot of peeling paint or areas where the paint is about to chip off? This is a sure sign your home needs painting. You really can't afford to let it go through another winter like this, as the snow and constant moisture will seep through the chipped paint and cause the wood to rot.

Luckily, most home painters can come take a look and give you an estimate within an hour or two. If possible, you want to get on their schedule for early summer — once the rain has passed, but before it's so hot that the paint dries too quickly.


Overgrown flower beds, dead shrubs, low spots that gather water, and weed invasions are all signs your landscaping could use a major overhaul. Have a landscaper come take a look in the spring while conditions are wet; this helps them know which changes need to be made to your drainage setup.

The best time to do a landscaping overhaul is also in late spring so that you don't waste half the summer caring for plants that will ultimately be torn out!

Patio or Deck Building

Building a patio or a deck is more intricate than it might seem. A deck builder will want to come do an on-site evaluation to figure out how they can attach the new patio or deck to your home. Get this part over with in the spring while it's still too cold to do much outside. Then, get on the schedule so you can hopefully enjoy your new deck by the 4th of July!


You want to have your roof looked at as early as possible in the spring — and not just to get on your roofer's schedule. Winter often causes roof damage, especially to older roofs. Once April showers arrive, if your roof has any winter damage, you can expect to get leaks. If you have a roofer out early in the spring, they can repair any damage that requires immediate attention, and if needed, get you set up for a full roof replacement once the weather improves.

These are just a few of the many exterior home maintenance projects that you should start planning in the spring. Contact Hassle Free Home Services if you're in need of any assistance with your spring home maintenance — inside or out!

Ian Campbell
" The Guy In The Kilt "
ASA- Accredited Senior Agent
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