Home Ownership February 22, 2024

Vacant Unit Tax – VCU Ottawa

Important reminder for all Homeowners…
The declaration period for the Vacant Unit Tax (VUT) pertaining to the 2023 occupancy year has officially commenced. You can now submit your annual occupancy status declaration through the designated form. To complete your declaration, simply visit Ottawa.ca/VUT or log in to your MyService.Ottawa.ca account. 
It is mandatory for all residential properties to undergo this declaration process. The annual declarations play a crucial role in allowing the City to accurately implement the Vacant Unit Tax for unoccupied homes, while also encouraging homeowners to reintegrate vacant properties into the housing market. This tax serves as a tool to address affordable housing challenges within the city, with the net proceeds contributing to the City’s affordable housing initiatives. Submitting your declaration online is a quick and straightforward process, taking less than 5 minutes. Visit Ottawa.ca/VUT and click on “Submit Declaration.” Ensure you have your Roll Number and Access Code, both provided at the top of this notice, before proceeding. Alternatively, you can log in through MyService.Ottawa.ca and submit the declaration via your property tax account. For a step-by-step guide, refer to the Quick Guide available on the website.All declarations must be completed by March 21, 2024. Late submissions are subject to a fee of $250. Failure to submit the declaration will result in your property being considered vacant, and the Vacant Unit Tax will be applied on the Final Tax bill in June 2024.

Please be aware that all declarations are subject to audit, and providing false information may lead to a fine of up to $10,000 upon conviction.

Failure to declare could result in a tax of 1 % of your assessed value added to your annual tax bill.